Selected Recent Papers

  1. (with S. Zak) Discrete Fourier Transform based pattern classifiers, submitted to the Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences, October 2012

  2. (with S. Zak) Stress estimation using unknown input observer, submitted to the American Control Conference - ACC 2013, September 2012

  3. (with C. Kwon and S. Zak) Combined rotor flux and speed observer-controller for induction motor drives, submitted to the IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, August 2012

  4. (with A. Elmahdi, A. Taha, and S. Zak) A hybrid scheduling protocol to improve quality of service in networked control systems, Proceedings of the 50th Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing, To appear, 2012

  5. (with C. J. Park) The representation of hypergeometric random variables using independent Bernoulli random variables, Communications in Statistics, Accepted for publication, 2012

  6. (with K. Kalsi and S. Zak) Unknown input and sensor fault estimation using sliding-mode observers, Proceedings of the American Control Conference - ACC, pp. 1364-1369, 2011

  7. (with K. Kalsi, J. Lian, and S. Zak) Sliding-mode observers for systems with unknown inputs: A high-gain approach, Automatica, Vol. 46, No. 2, pp. 347-353, 2010

  8. (with K. Kalsi, J. Lian, and S . Zak) Sliding-mode observers for uncertain systems, Proceedings of the American Control Conference - ACC , pp. 1189-1194, 2009

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